Short Story: The Words Unspoken

We are sitting in our favorite coffee shop. It’s that little store in the corner of the street just around twelve minutes walk from my home. It’s funny how people my age always have a favorite coffee shop, it kinda makes us the “coffee shop generation”. No seriously, think about it.

It’s your holiday, you wanna relax and read a book unbothered, you read at a coffee shop. It’s your work day, you wanna meet with a prospective client, you meet at a coffee shop. It’s kind of a bad day, you just wanna wallow and weep and be alone, you be sad at a coffee shop. You’re feeling happy and productive, you wanna write somewhere inspiration will come to you, you write at a coffee shop. You’re somewhere new, and you need to feel safe waiting until someone pick you up, you seek shelter at a coffee shop.

Anyway, back to the present. I am sitting at our usual seat, the one by the window and just across my best friend, in silence just like how we usually do when both of us are just minding our own business, letting the others do their work.

But there’s something different today.

Actually I’m the one who kinda makes it different lately. You see I’ve been buddies with her for God knows how long. Our homes are close to each other, but we only met when we were in the same class in Junior High, and we’ve been friends ever since. But lately, (oh yes I know you know where this is going) I’m feeling something different. I realized that I no longer look at her like I used to. She had become something so indispensable, not that she wasn’t like that before but now that feeling is corrupted with a possessive trait.

“Is there any leftover jam on my face?” she asked suddenly.

Startled out of my daydream by her question, I answer, “What? Oh, no, no there isn’t. Why the sudden question?”

“Well you’ve been staring intently on my face for the last eight minutes aaand (she checked her phone) twenty-two seconds, and the last time you do that, a big chunk of chocolate from that cake I ate then was sitting comfortably on my face.” she said, raising one eyebrow.

“Ha ha ha, right that was hilarious.” I answered, nervously trying to brush off the topic with dry laugh.

“Anything you want to say?”

‘Yes I have a thousand things to say to you’, was my immediate thought. I’ve been feeling off about you lately, I can’t explain it. We’ve been friends for a long time and I don’t know how to say it without jeopardizing our relationship. I like you, I have always liked you, but this is different. I’d always think of you as Hermione to my Harry, but lately it feels like you’re more of a Ginny to me (oh yes I’m still Harry of course). And I’m feeling confused, because what we have now is good enough. But you’re single, and I’m single, and a part of me want to risk it. I really am torn by this feeling, what do you think?

And she might jokingly answer that I may be caught by a stupid disease, but she saw the logic in my statement and–while a little blushing–say that she’d been feeling the same way and that’s the reason she’d been putting more effort into herself when she’s meeting me. Like wearing a cute dress rather than her usual tees and sweaters, or styling her hair to fall nicely rather than tie it haphazardly, or using a light make up to conceal the freckles  on her face that I actually adore so much.

And we will start dating, and it’s actually great! We were best friends before, and adjusting that to boyfriend and girlfriend is easy, almost nothing change actually, only you throw in cuddles, kisses, and of course other things that you don’t do as a casual friend like, err, bake cupcakes together and then completely distracted halfway so that the muffins are burnt and you force your couple to eat it anyway just to see that weird face when she swallows them?

And because our relationship had been tested by time previously as best friends, we will last, not even the biggest fight would tear us apart. We will find out how to work it out together, and we will get married. And we will have three children: Han, Fred, and Emma (oh yes, it’s decided already). And we will grow old together. And we will still spend our Sunday mornings sipping double shots of espressos in this coffee shop.

Huh, that doesn’t sound bad.

So I look her straight in the eyes, forming the words in my head. I take a deep breath, gathering my courage, and say,

“No, never mind.”


Hi! I know this topic is probably written over and over and over again. But then again, it’s still a problem that exist until now. Falling in love with your best friend is probably one of the most common occurrence is friendship these days. So what do you think, when you fall for your best friend, risk it?

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19 thoughts on “Short Story: The Words Unspoken

    1. Asna says:


      Thanks for visiting! Umm, yeah I kinda understand that feeling, especially because I’m very much attracted with unique characters (and thus many of my friends have strong characters) and developing a crush to them is a risk indeed. And honestly, again, when I reached a level of intimacy with them, developing a crush to them is inevitable. It’s a problem really.

      Anyway I just visited your place, and as I understand it, you read and write a lot! And your opinions are golden (I’m still exploring your blog), so if it’s not too much of a problem can you read my other posts and give your opinion on them? Thanks a ton! 🙂

    1. Asna says:

      Hi! I have no idea what that is, and while I’d really like to Google what that is when I get to my laptop, mind explaining it to me? Sorry I haven’t been around for long 😁

      But that sounds cool!

      1. Deepti Nair says:

        Oh you just have to check out my latest post and you’ll get to know everything…the rules and all. Still if some doubt remains, feel very free to ask!

  1. bad301 says:

    I have always risked it but then I am the one always getting hurt in the end. I have given up trying. I have tried so many times. However, to have that one special friend, is something that I will always desire. -Bruce

  2. ihaveabadsenseofhumor says:

    Hmm, risking it kinda ruined it for my friend and I. Sometimes I wish she would’ve just stayed quiet, or I could’ve kept pretending to be oblivious. Either way we both still got hurt so I don’t think you can really win with this one.
    Oh and I love the Harry Potter reference by the way;P

      1. Asna says:

        Sigh, I’m sorry to hear that, I know how hard it is to lose a best friend because one side suddenly fall for the other. So yeah…

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