A Special Side Story: Chapter 1 – The Girl In Brown-and-Yellow

“I know your story from A to Y, because that is where us ends and You begin..”

Ironically enough, “Y” is the first letter of my name in real life. (And if you look carefully on your qwerty keyboard, U & Y is placed side by side, so what? Uh, it’s just a personal sentiment)

Originally, I wanted this to be a one-go. So it’s gonna be long, like seriously long. (No kidding, I can make a reaaaaaaaaaally–you know it’s serious when there are ten “a”s in a “really”–long post) But then I changed my mind because it feels more interesting to put this in chapters.

So here goes…

Allow me to be melodramatic today…
…for today is a special day for someone dear to me…
…and I wish her a lifetime of happiness.


It all started 7 years (YES SEVEN, seven YEARS ago! Got any idea of how long this will be? Again, you’ve been warned hahaha) when I was but a mere freshman (uh, another clue on my age again?) on my campus: young and eager to make friends.

I came from a minority school (and by minority, it means that my school doesn’t contribute a lot of students into that particular campus, I was somewhat of a genius really) so making friends were vital for my survival there. I was determined that I had to get a new friend on my first class, if you knew me back then when I wasn’t as sociable (and as handsome) as I am now, that’s a bar set quite high.

And there she was, a girl in ponytail that just almost immediately got my attention. I didn’t know what was it about her that impressed me on first look: her round-wide clear eyes, or her way of presenting herself that made her so sociable which is my complete opposite, or maybe that day the universe was just in the mood of conspiring to give me a life-long lesson. I just didn’t know back then.

Her name was Envy, it’s kind of a play of words between how that symbolize my envy toward her and a play of her real name. She was a girl of fierce personality, see her eyes and you’ll understand that she was born a fighter, I saw that from the first time she introduced herself.

“Hi, I’m Envy!” said Envy with a bright smile and unfaltering eyes, unmistakably eager of knowing everyone, and making friends. I knew that we could probably be good friends, what I didn’t know was that she would take a big chapter in my life about her own.


“Let’s join this competition! You’re a good writer, and me too, we TOTALLY have to join, i got some ideas already!” Envy said to me one morning when we were about to start class.

Three months had passed (oh look! I skipped three whole months, this might be shorter than I think it is) since we were introduced and it’s almost the end of the semester. We were good friends by then, not that good but good enough. The event that would make us good friend is about to unravel. (Yes, if you’re still paying attention after this long, you might have noticed that the flag event is this competition)

It’s a blog-writing competition.

Somewhere along the way, we learned that the both of us were avid blog-writer. She’s better than me really. (Yes, even when I’m this good) No I’m not going to give you her blog address, that’s like giving you her identity. And maybe that’s what glued us together, you see when you read someone’s writing, you’re reading their character, and we loved each other’s writing. She found my writing full of surprises (and enjoyable to read, of course) albeit being bad in constructions and I found her writings easy to read and she wrote about things that I love to read. That’s probably where we found out that we were on the same wavelength.

Oh and I found out that she had a boyfriend too, shame huh. Oh well this story was never headed that way anyway.

“Sure, that sounds interesting,” I replied just when the lecturer got inside of the class.

“Great! Let’s talk again this weekend at…” Answered Envy, mentioning the name of a shopping mall and the time, we were in different groups in that class so we couldn’t talk much during class because that class require us to always be in discussion with our group.

So Saturday came, I searched the best piece of clothing I had, stole some of my Dad’s perfume, and totally felt that I was on point and that every pair of eyes would turn my direction. Well they did, only not because of the reason that I thought it would. 😀 (Now looking back, I had an awful taste in clothing, what in seven hell were you thinking past me?)

I came 30 minutes earlier, it’s kind of a rule of thumb for me not to make people wait. When she did got there 15 minutes later than the promised hour, it was a scene straight out of those Japanese cartoon I usually watch: I waited, she came to me and I noticed her, she asked if I had waited for long (a little out of breath because, obviously, she was rushing there), and I replied, “Nah, I just got here.” I was, in every sense but my clothing, the perfect gentleman.

So we start discussing of what we will do for this, that she will write about real life experience and agreeing that the both of us should go out of town because the theme of the competition required us to do so.

That’s our second date decided.

Anyway we started talking about other things, we weren’t exactly close but I guess that meeting (calling it a date would be simply.. inappropriate) sealed the deal. We started talking about ourselves. Apparently she had two siblings, one is an older sister and the other is a little brother. Well her character is really that of a middle child really, especially a middle child of the majority gender: overshadowed by the eldest kid’s success and never as favored as the youngest kid. (I later learned that this, is indeed a big deal)

I also learned that because of a student exchange program she underwent when she was senior high, she’s rather old for our batch. This is an important information for me because I don’t date older woman, and this rule is actually making it hard for me. Because you see, as an opposite to her, I underwent an acceleration program when I was in junior high, making me rather young for our batch.

That made our birth separated by around 2,5 years. I guess the universe is simply telling me that this girl is not my date material. And I was an accepting boy.

But the time was late and she needed to go back, being the gentleman the I was, I offered her a ride home, and that’s when I learned the most important thing about her through this conversation.

“I actually have two side of selfs, not really double personality per se, just the two kind of me. One of them is the outgoing me, I really like hanging out with friends, talking, crowd, socializing and everything else, by nature I’m an extrovert. But then, there’s this other side of me who likes to just be alone and think about stuff, submerged hours in my own thoughts, like when I’m writing..” Envy explained to me.

“Ah so black-and-white, there’s a black side of you and white side of you?” I concluded.

Envy took a few second before answering, “No, not so much as a black-and-white. There’s so much associated with black and white like how the two are opposite extremes, one signify right while the other signify wrong, and how the two are absolutes. Besides those two are monochromes, I don’t really like it. My sides aren’t opposites, they’re just sides, one is calm and smart while the other is simply cheery and spontaneous..

.. if I had to colorize it, I guess it’s brown-and-yellow.”


p.s.: Picture is from an anime called “Your lie in April”. It’s the first meeting of the two main characters of the series, Arima Kousei and Kaori Miyazono. I’m not usually into Drama genre, but I fell for Kaori’s character, besides the art is lovable.


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