My 52-Weekly Journal: Week 03 // Never Lost

I promised myself that I would write something, anything, at least once a week. Yet my last post was, uh, eleven days ago. I feel sorry for all my fans out there. (As if there’s any) Anyway, I have so much to tell, I recently went to Bali, Indonesia and so much stories.

…but that’ll have to wait.

This morning I had a dream, of me walking under a tree. The image was so vivid that it was imprinted in my brain even so long after I woke up (which rarely happens as I usually forget what I dream about the moment I hit “snooze”) that I just have to draw it!

Oh, yes, I do love drawing.

And I can say that I was pretty darn good at it. Was, past tense, in case you didn’t notice. The thing is, I gave up my pencil long ago, but I still do it every once in a while, on special occasions. Like this one.

Now that’s that, I won’t write too long for this one, let’s just appreciate in silence my super-awesome drawing up there. Oh yes this one’s picture is mine. See you on the next one!

p.s.: please do pardon my lazy line, awful anatomy, and stupid shading. It’s been far too long since I last picked up my pencils. 😀


4 thoughts on “My 52-Weekly Journal: Week 03 // Never Lost

    1. Asna says:

      Aww thanks, I’m rather half-assed in both writing and drawing so the compliment is too much really. But still much appreciated. 🙂

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