My 52-Weekly Journal: Week 02 // Something About Senses

“What if we (human) are completely missing an aspect of life, just because we don’t have the ‘tool’ to understand it?”

I read that sentence somewhere before, and hits me like Wile E. Coyote hits a billboard (all the while the roadrunner runs perfectly fine in it, don’t get it? You’re probably too young, or I’m old), boy did it hit me hard.

Think about it…

…had we not had an eye, women wouldn’t have needed any make up to entice a man. Our brain wouldn’t be able to recognize the light being refracted by objects. Photographs would have been useless.

…had we not had a nose, nobody would have hated Durians, the fruit would be much more appreciated for its taste. It would be completely fine with us being in the same air-conditioned room with an athlete who’d worked out like hell. Perfumes would have been pointless.

…had we not had an ear, a road construction right in the middle of the night just meters away wouldn’t have bothered our sleep. Many more pedestrians would have been hit by a reckless driver. Taylor Swift would probably be just another regular farm girl on the country-side.

…had we not had a skin, we wouldn’t need to differ winter and summer clothing. Naw that doesn’t feel right, no seriously what is the function of our skin rather than warning us that the atmosphere is inhospitable? ๐Ÿ˜

…and had we NOT had a tongue, I would have missed the biggest thing in life: delicacies. Oh and probably many more kid in those first-world countries would probably be more healthy, seeing as they wouldn’t hate carrots. (Ugh I hate carrots)

See? Having the tool to perceive something is a crucial thing that most of us had taken for granted. But here’s a twist, what if, whaaaaat if…

…what if we’re actually completely clueless about something in this world, all because we cannot understand it? No, rather, we have no idea about it. (It’s kind of like those chemistry lesson in high school, you didn’t even know what you didn’t understand!)

I’m an avid Harry Potter reader. I live it. I thanked God that He didn’t let J.K. Rowling gave up her draft of the Philosopher’s Stone even after it’s rejected multiple times by multiple publishers. (Ever thought that you screwed up? Well you’d probably feel better that there were actually SEVERAL people rejecting the drafts of Harry Potter) And I’ve always been wondering, developing many theories in my head, about why am I not in Hogwarts right now, I’m pretty sure that I’m a muggle-born, that is if my parents weren’t actually wizard in hiding and that they want me to live as muggle. I mean come on, those leaves moved when I commandedย  them to. (What was that? Harry Potter isn’t real? Shut your trap, Muggles)

p.s.: I attached Hermione’s picture as the header of this post, well she was my first love, loved her ever since she first appeared on the train. Well me and probably every boy that was around my age. ๐Ÿ˜€ Oh and image is owned by its rightful owner, definitely not mine.

So let’s get back to our what ifs.

We’re missing something, we’re definitely missing a tool, an organ, a collection of cells that worked together to achieve a function. What differs muggles from wizard is that one particular organ! Somewhere along the way, the wizards evolved a teensy bit more than the average human. Probably some human were exposed to grave danger like, I don’t know, maybe having to live in a Dragon’s den? And that the only way to survive was…

…to evolve, to grow a particular organ that functions as a receiver, a tool to perceive the world’s energy, to store and manipulate those particular energy according the user’s will.

Yes, we cannot perceive the world’s energy. Those energy that every being, every thing in the universe radiates. It’s the energy that connects every thing with every other thing. Ah I will talk about this world energy in other time, now let’s go back to our wizards.

It’s simple, everything can be explained: wizards are actually simply a more evolved human! My hypothesis is that they grow this other organ, that allows them to connect with the world’s energy. Now how do we prove this? Ah I guess we have to do this the traditional way. Yes, find me a wizard and a muggle, and we’ll dissect them slowly and thoroughly to find the difference. (We’ll do it slowly to make sure they don’t die, it’d be hard if they died and the organs rot before we can find it!)

Just kidding guys, I’m not a psychopath. ๐Ÿ˜€

Now where can we find them wizards? *walks away slowly


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