My 52-Weekly Journal: Week 01 // Happy Lunar New Year!

It’s the year of the monkey!

Monkey, the 9th animal in the 12 circle of the Chinese Zodiac. Although I don’t exactly celebrate the Lunar New Year myself, many of my friends do and as I love my Chinese friends so much (translation: I love it because it’s national holiday here, teehee) so I’m kind of interested with this event.

And besides, Chinese Zodiac-wise, Monkey is my Zodiac (welp, you can guess my age because of this, yes, I’m either an over-mature 12 years old or a late-blooming 36 years old, your pick) so that makes this my year and Chinese mythology-wise, I’m “ascending” this year sooo…………………

Above all else, a year had passed, again. Thinking back, this year both flies and crawls. I guess in the past year, I can really feel the relativity of time rather clearly. You see for me…

…in one year, someone can change from two single person, into engaged, into being married. That’s a whole lot of responsibility change happening in a short period of time. In one year you’re free and only responsible for your only action and on the other you’re responsible for one completely separate entity. In one year you always go to bed in silence and on the other you never have to wake up alone anymore.

…in one year, someone can change from being unemployed, to finding a good job, and to suddenly get a raise and suddenly earning more than half the population of the nation. Although of course on the other hand, other someone can have his/her company face a turmoil and lose everything he/she had. Fate can be funny sometimes.

…in one year, your best friend who’s always bringing the mood up with his cheerfulness and loved by simply everyone who met him was hit by depression and on the other year he’s the most gloomy person you know on earth and is apparently pulling back from society. And your other best friend, who you secretly love with all your heart, suddenly said that she’s getting married and so you told her how you feel and she told you not to leave her because you are her most important person, aside her groom-to-be of course. From best friend to nothing, all in one year.

On the other hand…

…one year is only so much that all the goals you had previously set is nowhere closer than they were one year ago.

…one year is only so much that the book you were going to finish last year only sits on the half-done books pile on the bright side of the bed now.

…one year is only so much that you keep putting off the things you should be doing now to tomorrow, then tomorrow change into months, months into years.

In the end, my way of feeling how many times had passed by experiencing the ‘moments’ rather than counting the seconds passing had resulted in the relativity of the past year, as I said at the beginning, it both flies and crawls for me.

Ah, yet another year with nothing about the future figured out, but that’s alright I guess, tomorrow will still come, still indifferent all the same.

Happy Lunar New Year!!! 🙂


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