My 52-Weekly Journal: Week 0

First thing first, I want to humbly offer the first two paragraph of this post as a gratitude for the people who read my review of “Rentak Harmoni” (the previous post). Apparently one of the casts found my review interesting and share it in their group, and this blog had gotten a lot of hits ever since. For a (supposedly) anonymous and not-promoted (yes, I don’t share the address of this blog to anyone I know) blog, getting over 150 views and 100 visitors within the span of two days is amazing.

*And last time I checked, if I googled “Rentak Harmoni Review”, my page is already on the first page of google search result, so exciting!

Anyway for people who creates something, nothing is more exhilarating than knowing your work being recognised. I bet you my lunch (I love my lunches, this is the equivalent of betting the life of a normal people) that me finding out that my writings are being read and you guys getting standing ovation at the end of your show feels kind of the same. And nothing is a better encouragement than that to give more of our bests. So once again, thanks!

p.s.: I just have one regret though, because of that my cover is blown, I’m no longer completely anonymous as some people now know my real identity. I blame you for this, Buntala.

Now anyway, about the title.

Yes! I’m planning to create a weekly journal based on questions, or prompts, and post it here in my blog. The aim is to make sure that I write something at least once a week. Believe it or not, even though this blog only has 3 post up until now, it was created more than two years ago! Hahaha so unproductive.

More of the active bloggers out there make this daily though, so it’s kind of 365-Day Journal for them. But I don’t want to push myself, I still want to enjoy writing rather than making it a burden, hence, weekly.


If that’s all I do, it may be no fun at all, so let’s up the bar a bit. For every time I’m answering a prompt, I’m gonna make a story about it. Oh don’t worry, I’m a fantastic story-teller with an outstanding imagination.

Because it’s still week 0, I’m not going to start right now. I’m still in the process of building the prompts, finding the available ones on the net are also quite hard you know. Oh I know, if you read this, and you have an idea of a question or maybe a challenge for my Weekly Journal, you can drop it in the comment and I’ll possibly put it in.

So that’s that, another short one so I’m giving you a fan art depiction of the movie Tangled (the creator of the pic is watermarked on the picture by the way). As a 23 year old male I’m quite ashamed to admit this but I loved that movie hahaha.

Until next time!


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