Ready, set…….

Hello folks!

It just doesn’t feel right if I don’t start my blog that way, especially when this is the first post of a (not so) new blog that I’m gonna start taking care of from now on.

Anyway this is just the first post, so I’m just going to tell you why I started writing again. Well actually it’s always been caused by the same thing over the year: I got lonely and no one seems to be able to get on the same level of absurdness with me and I need to let this out!

Thus, the blogging.

Well I guess that’s that for my first post, apparently there isn’t so much to say so go look at the image at the top, it’s a picture of a cute dog following its owner jump-diving from a cliff. Ready, set…….. catch ya later!

p.s.: picture’s not mine, it belongs to its respective owner, the person in the image is Carmelo with his dog, Titti.


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